Pocket Paradise APK V1.2.0

Do you love playing video games on your Android mobile phone? Then you might have been known to the Pokémon game, the game which we are going to provide is not a Pokémon, but the concept and gameplay of this akinPokémon series of the games. This is a mobile game with the hundreds of Elfins, in the game the players will be the elfin trainers, and in it can use the poke ball to collect and finish the elfin grid. In this way, you can grow the elfins to the super S level and you will become in this way the strongest trainer to obtain the league champion.

For those who were hunting down to get the direct download link of Pocket Paradise APK, the link is a treat. Just tap on the download button and get the link on your Android phone, head towards installing it by following the safest method.

If you are not able to install it on your Android phone, as you have gained the APK file from third party source, not from Google Play Store, you will be blocked by the Android to get it installed.

So, go to the setting of the Android phone -> Security setting or App setting-> and find the unknown source radio button, and check it on.

Hope you will overcome the installation error, by following the above-mentioned method.

Features of Pocket Paradise APK V 1.2.0

The game has been integrated with the unique evolution and matching system, which can help you to cultivate the elfins.

  • 17 types of original attributions
  • More than 20 epic legendary elfins
  • Hundreds of original elfins and fantastic skills to trigger the fated duel
  • Cultivate your elfins to upgrade to new S level
  • Unique friends, speed up the system and obtain the different quickly resources
  • Very addictive gameplay, you could play the game entire night without blinking of an eye
  • More than 50 levels of the game, indulge you to get the game going to the next and next levels.

So, you can download the link from the given download link, just tap on the download button for it. If the link does not work, please do comment in the comment section.

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