Shadowgun Legends OBB + MOD + 1.0.5

Shadowgun Legends finally arrived on Android, the developers made it possible to release the game worldwide. If you have played the previous version of Shadowgun, then you might have an idea about the action and the graphics of the series. The first version of the series was third person game, but this version what we are going to provide in here is FPS game.

It is a free game to play, the game does not have an offline version gameplay, so do not worry about putting the unlimited money and other stuff to get an extra life.

The game is based on an epic war story, where the aliens attack humans and want to clean the earth from humans.

You and other millions are trying to save the world from those aliens.

You fight alongside millions of players to save mankind from the mysterious creature.

Kick some alien butt by following the action-packed driven story.

Gameplay seems like little inspired by the modern combat, the auto shoot is there, and you have no need to tap and shoot.

Just aim the enemy and your gun will start firing automatically.

The graphics of the game is a real treat; you will like playing the game in real.

If you to compare the game with the modern combat, you are wrong, the game instills a beta phase, and still, there are additions which will be made very soon.

Features of Shadowgun Legends Beta

  • A true Shadowgun legends
  • The true Shadowrun gameplay
  • The graphics of the game are impressively nice, and you feel like real playing the game
  • No need to worry about shooting, auto shoot option has made it easier.
  • You just aim, and the feature will do the rest of the job
  • Take on the different missions and earn rewards
  • Character customization, and different gears
  • Experience the most advanced weapons and gear system in the mobile gaming world
  • Collect 500 plus lethal weapons and more
  • With hundreds of cosmetic options stand out in the massive crowd
  • Hunt for the rarest weapons
  • Customize your gears with paints
  • So, if you really want to taste a war play, must go for Shadowgun Legends Beta, and download the game from the given download link, and install it on your Android device.


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