GPS Map Navigation

GPS Map Navigation

GPS Map Navigation and directions application have made our life lot easier than it was before. When we had to visit someplace off-shore, we hire some guide with us. As, we were not able to find the locations, addresses, and streets, but, now just have the app installed on your device, and start finding locations.
Plan your trips, routed around the world, travel through the different famous locations of the world. Find your current location, and feed the location where you want to go. That's it, the app navigation menu will lead you to the address. Even, if a road is blocked, it will provide you the alternative street address to reach your location.
Just download GPS Map Navigation and directions from the given download link, install it on your Android device, and go to your favorite destination.
Open Street Map (OSM) is the best feature this application has. This feature lets you know the street addresses, according to your mobile current location. If you mistakenly took the wrong turn off the street, it will notify you the right track to reach a destination.

Features of GPS Map Navigation, and directions

·         Tour around the world using any method of transportation using the tracker, and share your location with your friends and family member, so, that they could get to know the right location for you.
  • Route planner let you know either you should have a walk or grab a transportation if you are using a specific route.
  • Find nearby locations, restaurants, banks, ATMs, shopping malls, food points and much more
  •  Voice GPS provides you to listen to the address
  • Location tracker via GPS gets you the latitude and longitude
  • Get the satellite vide, earth view and street view
  • Bus route tracker, railway route tracker, bike paths, cycling paths, Subway maps and stations
  • Find food near you, hotels, gas stations, ATMs, bars, addresses of famous places of the city and zip codes even
  • Get the weather forecast, temperature reports, and photos of the maps or locations.
If you are planning to visit some famous place, before packing your luggage, you should gather information about that place. And Maps, GPS Navigation, and directions will be the right choice to get this information.

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