Real Drum for Android V9.2.8

 Real Drum for Android V9.2.8

The real drum is the application which lets you unleash the hidden artist of you and make you play the drums by tapping the fingerprints of you. Real drum for android is the application which makes you unable to play a different sound, play your beats record them and listen to them, again and again, to check the loopholes in the tunes. The real drum is the app which got different layouts, symbols, bass drums and other stuff. There are more than 13 different instruments in your phone, and play the realistic sound.
You know the most entertaining aspect of this application; it allows you to record what you play with simple taps. Play it over the sound what you record and set your rhythm.
Become the master of your favorite instrument, there are already some samples, you can hear them and play them again and again.
By hearing all the compositions you can create your own.
Become a new rock star, and unleash the hidden talent of you.
You will become familiar with your favorite tool, simply tap by using your finger and study the sounds.
Ideal for them who want to play a tool, who wants to play drums without of making much noise and not taking the much space of your mobile phone?
Hear the professional music; customize the pads of the apps with your images and mp3 sounds.

Features of Real Drum for Android

  Customize your battery, upload your picture and play mp3 sounds
·         Multi-touch
·         13 Super drums
·         45 realistic drum and sounds
·         Studio Audio and quality
·         33 Styles super loops and play together all the loops to make a nice sound
·         Make the recording mode
·         Full your mobile phone with the real-time music
·         Free of cost
·         Easy to use
·         Easy to handle
·         Works on all the screens
·         Full and high-quality performances
·         HD Graphics
·         Simple handling
·         Make a hit and become a new rock star
The app is free of use and easy to navigate. You can easily record your own musical tons by just pressing the record button. If the download link does not work, please do comment in the comment section.

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