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Funny Food 2 Educational Games For Toddler

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There are very few applications which provide interesting game play for toddlers. These funny food 2 educational games for toddler can give your child an excitement platform, through which your child can interact with funny games and learn. Funny food 2 educational games for toddler can provide interesting foods and puzzles games with counting and color matching games. There are different vegetables, fruits and eating stuff, and kids need to match the foodstuff with bright colors. There will be three parts of every vegetable, fruits and one color will be given. You need to match the other two colors and earn the rewards. This is an exciting and dynamic game to entertain your kids and also help them to develop new skills while playing this game.

Main Features of Funny Food 2 Educational Games for Toddler

There are more than 50 kinds of foods, more than 50 levels of the game, amusing with different characters and lots of interactions with animations.
Your kid will start learning new stuff like color matching, counting, and cooking foods.
You also can start the healthy food competition, where the kid needs to separate the health foods, and in this way, you can teach them how important for him to eat healthy foods.
Make him recognize the difference between vegetables, fruits, pizzas, and burger. And elaborate the importance of green foods for him.
Hide and seek game, find the rascals and ghosts and find them
Teach them about the gardening, count the plants for him to memorize counting
Sorting puzzles make them learn how to sort the bigger and smaller things
Matching of different stuff, like socks to the other part of sock, shirts, pants, foods and much more.
Tap and sort food into different shopping bags accordingly their size and shapes
Dress foods in different shapes and fancy clothing
Could them 1-5 and put the dress into shopping bags
Comparison between smaller and larger, heavier and lighter
Learn the shapes and colors, match the colors, fill the gap of the shapes with the color to make a perfect design.
Download Funny Food 2 Educational Games for toddler APK from the given download link, hit the download button and get the app on your phone. The app is very important to teach the very basic things in simpler but creative way.
Learning games for toddlers

Logic, attention, memory, thinking

Funny Food 2 Educational Games For Toddler APK Information

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Funny food 2 Educational Game
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30 July, 2018
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4.1 and Up
4.4 Stars
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