3d Anatomy Learning App V2.1 Download For Android

3d Anatomy Learning App V2.1

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Medical students are the one which will pay focus on this application, as it involves anatomy learning. But, if you are a student, and want to know the very basic of human structure, all you need to download Anatomy Learning app 3D Atlas V2.1 for your android device. By having the app installed on your phone, you can get all basic information of human and animal body structure. There are total 11 organs system in the human body, the skeletal system is one of them, and most complex as well. You need to pay complete focus to know about these organ systems and learn how the human body works and collaborate with every organ to make a motion.
Download Anatomy Learning app- 3D Atlas APK from the given source, install it on your phone and start learning the very basic of human structure. How almighty have fitted so much in one pack, and how these all things work correctly, collaborate with each other is not lesser than a magic. The more you will learn, the more you would come to know, how less we know.
Anatomy Learning 11 body systems

Main Features of Anatomy Learning App-3D Atlas

As most of the people wondered, why this interesting application not offline, guys, there are some images, some infographics, which needed to be load, needed to load in your cache, which needs an internet connection. Like videos on YouTube, which also needs an internet connection to load and play.
The app's basic language is Spanish, though the developers are now trying to convert the basic language to English.
You can also have this app in other translated languages, Like English, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, and other more.
Anatomy Learning body parts

What you need to download this app?

You need to have 1G data storage on your phone, and 1GB Ram to correctly load the app on your phone, and correctly work.
Plus, the internet connection should be fast, and one has to install Android version 4.4 to run the app.
Learn the basics of anatomy; learn the human structure, and how the different human organs structure works in our single body to produce some results.
This app provides you inch and squares of different body parts of human body, even the tiny muscle will be shown in here.
Tap the download button, and download Anatomy Learning- 3D Atlas APK, from the given download button; install it on your phone.
Anatomy Learning veins

3d Anatomy Learning App APK Information

Package Name
Anatomy Learning 3D Atlas
App Updated On
14 October, 2018
Number of installation
1,000,000 – 5,000,000
Android requirement
4.3 and up
4.5 stars out of 5
Offered by
AnatomyLearning UK inc

Download APK
Google Play

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