ABC Spelling App V1.1.4 Spell & Phonics For Android

ABC Spelling App V1.1.4 Spell & Phonics

ABC spelling app
Little Kids find it difficult to spell the words. There should be something that can teach them how to pronounce the right words with correct spellings. And at that stage, if they learned not spelling right words, it can destroy their confidence at the very basic level. ABC Spelling-Spell& Phonics APK lets you provide a good option to teach your keywords alphabets. Interesting gameplay, make them memorize the right shape and spelling of a word.
In this game, a picture will be shown on screen, and spelling of that picture right above the picture, but that will not be in the correct order of alphabets.
The kid needs to make it correct, and pick the alphabet by touching the mobile phone screen and make them correct in order.
So, the interesting gameplay makes them memorize the right alphabets of right picture.
There are hundreds of pictures in this way, to make the kids learn the basic of their learning.
There are three types of exercise, or you can say levels of the game.
In the first level of the game, what I described above the pictures, match the correct letters at the top and chose the tiles below.
Place the alphabet in correct order to spell the word right.
And if your kid makes them aligned correctly, you will get points or prize right after that.
Blank spelling is the second level of the game, in this; a picture will have all the alphabet of it, except one alphabet. The job is to put the right alphabet in the right place to make the picture complete.
This level of the game is presented in bright graphics; you know kids love the color and touching. So, cartoons, dogs, cats, hats, like these things will make them clear the very basic of learning.
Learn how to spell

Learn words by matching them with pictures

sound out words with fun phonics

Features of ABC Spelling App- Spell& Phonics APK

  • Fun game along with learning for toddler, kids and non-native adults
  • Colorful graphics, allow the kids to have fun with learning
  •  Different shapes, interesting objects make their picture clear along with spelling and alphabets.
  • Soundcard show the learning process to parents
  • Parent will have complete control of the game
  • Collect points and prizes to celebrate each mile in the game.

ABC Spelling App APK Information

App updated on
24 August, 2018
Package name
ABC Spelling – Spell & Phonics
Number of installation
1,000,000 – 5,000,000
Android requirement
4.1 and Up
4.6 Stars out of 5
Official site

Download APK - Google Play

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