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Telenor EKYC APP (RD Service Version 23) 

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SIM registration has been a hectic job plus it takes lots of time in processing. You had to stand in a queue to verify you are the real person and want to get the SIM card, carrying all the data of that person and to manage them was never easy for the service providers. Now, Telenor took a bold step and started an initiative to register a SIM card on ADHAAR card along with Indian Government.
And e-KYC rolled out, this should say a new era of digitalization, and one step forward to making India a Digital India.
E-KYC is electronic customer verification; one should say an alternate of activation process which was recommended by the Telecom services of India.
A customer now by using E-KYC can register a phone number and activate that number by just providing the Adhar number and a biometric verification also needed to make this verify.
So, if you have been running that kind of business and you always carry the record of your customer who wants to get new SIM, you should get used of Telenor EKYC (RD Service Version 23) APK.
This application will let you allow new SIM cards by using the Adhar card and carrying a little machine to verify the person directly.
In this age of haste, you are not required to carry any other files now, no need to run for registration, plus you can add value to lives of your customer.
Just having an Adhar Card, Telenor E-KYC offers you to get your SIM instantly.


Telenor EKYC App Verify OTP
First, download Telenor EKYC (RD Service Version 23) APK from the given download link.
Put E-load Number and select OTP option
Verify OT and tap on the submit button
This you have done all requirement to download the application
Now, you have come at the stage of restringing a SIM card of your customer.
The process of issuing new SIM card and registering that new SIM card for a particular person is also very easy.
You just follow the instruction given on the screen and provide all the details.
Hope you will get the advantage of this application, and add the value in user's lives.
Download the Telenor EKYC (RD Service Version 23) APK from the link.
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App updated on
16 October, 2017
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Telnor EKYC
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4.3 and up
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Telenor India

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