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In this game, you are going to be a truck driver. Free download Euro Truck Driver 2018 (Simulator) APK from the given download link, install it on your Android device, start traveling around different countries of the world. You are going to amaze your friends by traveling to different amazing places of the world, drive in there, and deliver the food and other things which you are transporting.
Your task in the game is to deliver cargo in different places, though the task seems not that difficult, having a bulky truck and moving this around different and difficult places is not that easy.
If you were successful in delivering stuff, you will get some reward, points, and by using these you could upgrade your truck and add some different tools to help you in driving better than before.
In Euro Truck Driver (Simulator) APK either you go with the online mode with your friends or just going into career mode to play yourself.
If you are a beginner player and do not have enough experience of driving trucks, you should go with the career mode.
After that, gaining some experience you could go to the online mode, and share the game with your friends so that you could multiply the amusement of the game.
From the earned money, after delivering the cargos you buy new wagons, pump up the possibilities of already purchase and manage the design you got for your truck.
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Features of Euro Truck Driver (Simulator) APK

  •          Euro Truck driver is a great experience of the driving truck around the different countries like Berlin, Madrid, Paris, Rome. Go with the multi-player mode, if you find it boring by playing alone.
  •          Get different brands of European trucks
  •          More than 20 plus different cities and countries location
  •         Drive country roads and highways
  •          Request new truck, if you have accident and lose the control over truck
  •          Amazing sounds
  •          Real-time visual damage to the trucks
  •          Easy control
  •         Controller support
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Euro Truck Driver 2018 APK Information

App updated on
15 February 2018
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Euro Truck Driver
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4.1 and Up
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