Durango APK Download Wild Land Latest Version 2.23.0

Durango APK Download Wild Land Latest Version 2.23.0

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If you want to have an experience of wild lands and wants to roam around different oceans of the world, tap on the download button and get the app.
Durango: Wild Lands are the best mobile game of 2017 according to E3, and the players who have already seen it and played it also claim the same. It is one of the best online games, for the portable Android devices by the Korean developers. The only task of you in this game, to stay alive, wild animal’s hostile world of jungle different environment where you are going to make an effort of surviving
So, let’s start the game and be the hunter before the hunt, because if they spend some more time in here, and they will start taking everything from you.
The beta test of the game was first started in July 2017 and initially was supposed to close in October 2017. But, from the time of writing this topic, is not closed.
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Main Features of Durango Wild Land APK

In this game, the player will be dropped into the world, where the world already divided into different technology zone.
Your task is to rebuild the society; there is nothing out there to support or to build any land, just empty raids, and endless island wat you expand in this.
You can find a new island, claim it, and build your own house there; you should develop new skills out there to survive.
Create a society, meet with other players, and get an army to secure your land, meet with other dangerous tribes, and assure them you are not here to demolish them.
The core idea of the game, building and creating a new society, from scratch
There is much more what you need to explore in here, but the real taste of the game comes, when someone attacks you and you defend yourself having a good and undefeatable, equipped army.
Download Durango: Wild Lands (Unreleased) APK from the given download link; install it on your device.
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Durango Wild Land APK Information

Package Name
Durango Wild Lands
Updated on
19 April, 2018
Android requirement
4.4 and up
Offered by
Nexon Company