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Escape The Prison Adventure Walkthrough

Escape the prison is an adventures game and will make you fall in love. As the features, story line, and theme of the game are just irresistible. If you just play it once and try to escape from the prison, where you are under strict surveillance, you will emerge as a winner. There are very few people who could get escaped from the call under given time frame. So, if one can break the cell, outsmart the guards, and manage to break the passwords which had made you live in the cell which is controlled by a super computer, you are a wizard of this game.
You can say the game "room escapes”, the story of the game is impeccable, you are being monitored by the guards via security cameras.
Still, there are some sources which can make you break the cells, there are passwords shatters on the floor of your cell, read them, use them to unlock the gate of the cell.
There are some other tools out there, use them wisely to get yourself out of that prison.
There are other prisoners there, you can call them for help, see what they can do for you?

Rules of Escape the Prison Adventure 

The rules are simple, you are going to escape from the cell without being noticed of the guards, if you break the gate, destroy the sell, or try to beat some other prisoner to get help from them, and you are out of the game.
So, do not destroy any block, except wool, collect the heads of creepers, as many as you can.
Do not use modded form of the game to get help
Set the difficult normal, if you are playing it very first time, otherwise, you will be blocked in the cell lifetime.
So, what you are going to do, spend all of your life in here or just want to escape from here.
Escaping is an adventures game; the purpose of the game is not to help the real prisoners to make them out of the prisoners.
So, download the game from the given download option, install Escape the Prison adventure APK and get the amusement of playing it.
Escape the prison adventure man try to escape

Escape the prison adventure man in prison

Escape the prison adventure police could find prisoner

Escape the prison adventure underground

Escape The Prison Adventure APK Information

Package Name
Escape The Prison Adventure
Updated On
9 September, 2017
Number of installation
10,000,000 – 50,000,000
Android requirement
2.3 and Up
4.1 Stars out of 5
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