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Heart Surgery ER emergency APK V1.23 Android Download

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Heart Surgery ER emergency is a great application to have an experience of heart surgery. By playing this game, you can teach your kids how to deal a heart-attack. As the game is starting to describe the symptoms of Heart-attack, by seeing this, you can get to know if you are close to a heart attack. Because, sometimes we ignore the minor symptoms, and then get involved in a heavy work, we start getting wore pain in our chest, shoulder and into the hand.
So, the first thing you learn, when it comes to shoulder, chest and into the hand pain, that is a heart-attack, and one should deal like the way.
An ambulance is coming to your clinic, a new patient arrives in your hospital, and check him up either he got normal chest pain or heart attack.
Ok, once you check, examine how worse the attack was, and how to deal with it?
If it was that worse, need to check if some major organs stopped working, call the lungs doctor, kidney doctor, and get to know if the organs are performing well.
Now, you need to examine, being a heart-surgeon if heart transplant will be alright or just giving an open heart operation will relieve the pain.
Alright now, you are up to performing the operation, you are going to have an open heart surgery.

This is not as easy as it sounds; you need to be ready mentally to perform this, should have proper sharp tools and should be confident about what you are going to do
Wear the surgery dress- wear the gloves, sanitize your hand and wrist and you need to be very precious while cutting the chest and making the proper place to do the surgery.
Be careful there are other organs aside; you need not hurt any of the organs.
And move the abs-up to perform the surgery.
The app is complete heart-surgery; there is another level of the game, where you transplant the heart.
So, you should download the game, Heart Surgery ER Emergency APK from the given download link. Install it on your device, at least it provides you the information to deal with a heart attack and basic symptoms of heart attack. If the link does not work fine, please do comment in the section, so that we could fix the error.

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App updated on
2 February, 2018
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Heart Surgery ER Emergency
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10,000,000 – 50,000,000
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4.0 and Up
4.0 Stars out of 5
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