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Special Force Group 2 V2.8

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If you love to play videos games, especially action games than this Special Forces Group 2 game application is for you. You need to get this application, tap the download button to get the app on your Android phone and tablet.
You might have played counter strike, the sweetheart of the gamer, and over a decade this game top the chart of most played game. Special Force Group 2 theme is similar to Counter strike 2 with little more additional features graphics and amusement.
Though there were some loopholes in the first version of the special force group, the only thing was the theme of the game which was appreciated. But, Special Forces Group 2 APK had provided the real value to the users, and it has all the features which are needed to make an application extraordinary. You should say, the game had evolved through these years.
You can have this application on Android phone above 4.00, if you got Android version lowers than that, and then update it to next Android version.
Special Force Group 2 V2.8 a lot of weapons

Special Force Group 2 V2.8 knife mode

Main Features of Special Forces Group 2 APK

Though, to describe all the features that indulge in the game might not be possible. I am going to mention some of the most used and helpful features, which you should know before playing the game.
  • Single player game
  • Multi-player online on WI-FI router
  • You will confront with the terrorist
  • There is team, and 6 members will be in one team
  • Additional weapons compare to Special Force Group APK, 7 pistols, 3 shotguns, 4 submachine gun, 12 rifles, Sniper rifles, Fernandez, Bulletproof vest and much more to help you in hunting down the terrorist.
  • You can switch the game to your desired language English, Espanola, Francis, Chinese 3D game
  • 5 Game modes (Classic, Resurrection, Capture, Flag, and Zombie mode, bomb mode) Additional Graphics
  • Though, you need to have an Internet connection to play the game, which makes the game more harmful, as most of the guys love to edit the offline games to show off. For an online, this is not possible.
  • And the icing on the cake, the game is not as difficult to play as most of the online actions game is, thig got obvious buttons.
Tap the download button to download Special Forces Group 2 APK game, if the link does not work, please comment and let us know.
Special Force Group 2 V2.8 zombie mode

Special Force Group 2 V2.8 skins and weapons

Special Force Group 2 V2.8 bomb mode

Special Force Group 2 V2.8 APK Information

App updated on
30, December 2017
Package name
Special Forces Group 2
Number of installation
Android requirement
4.0 and Up
4.6 stars out of 5
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