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Score Hero Android Download V2.03


Score Hero Android Soccer Game

score hero android logo
Score Hero is a great soccer game; this game is not like other soccer game, where you need to control a whole team. In this game, you just need to control one player. You have no need to play the entire match, to control the entire team, while playing a match on Android make the taste of the game somehow bitter. When you control one player and contribute in the key moments, it becomes sweeter. So, tap the download button and download Score Hero APK from android. Install the soccer one player in your phone, and start hitting the ball in the right direction.
There are several levels of the game. In one match you might be playing and hitting the ball to make the different equal. And in some matches, you might be hitting the ball to win the match at the key moments. The purpose of the game is to get to know the importance and enthusiasm of key moments, and make you feel that joy when some player become the only difference in a match.
The different series and levels are the great thing to have. At each level of the game in Score Hero android you will get a chance to perform. You need to hit the ball in the direction mention, and if you could send the ball in the net, you earn the points. In each match, you can get 3 to 5 points, and it is upon you now, how you perform?
At some levels you need to hit the ball from the corner of the goalmouth. And at some levels, you should hit the ball behind 20 meters. And you will earn the points accordingly, if you miss anything from any level, you would get nothing.
The game play is fairly good. You just swipe your fingers and hit the ball easily. The graphics are awesome, game sound and background voices are icing on the cake.
Besides, controlling your one player, and playing the important role in the key moments, you got control of other stuff as well. Like, you are free to choose the coaching staff, managers, Kits color, and other different stuffs. These things add some managing qualities within you.
So, have the app in your Android phone and tablet, we have mentioned you already to download the app. Hope you will like this score hero android game. 
split defenses with precise passing England vs ItalyBend shots into the corner

Score Hero Android APK Information

Package Name
Score Hero
Updated on
2 November 2018
File Size
Number of Installation
100,000,000 +
Android Requirement
Support Email
4.4 and Up
 4.6 Stars out of 5

Kingroot Download V5.3.7 Latest APK For Android


Kingroot Download For Android

Kingroot apk logo
Kingroot is an application which lets you root your android phone starting from android Lollypop to Android 6.1 and higher versions. Kingroot can be downloaded in English and Chinese, chose what you want to prefer for your Android device.
Kingroot is the best one-click rooting app- one can easily get the phone rooted with just one tap of the finger. Moreover, you are not required to install the app on your computer or to connect the computer to the phone to get the phone rooted. Just download the app and install it on your phone, and root the device instantly.

How to Root an Android Phone Using Kingroot APK?

Kingroot is the powerful application to get the phone rooted, once easily can get the rooted device, aside from that he has any knowledge about rooting or not. But, you should come to know, if you root your device, you void the software warranty of the device.
One could download the app from the given download link; install it on your phone.
If you get the message, installation blocked, or the app cannot be installed on your phone, you might not have changed the installation setting. Change the setting and tap on the unknown sources radio button, then start installing this again.
Now, launch the app on your device and tap on the root button, if you have installed the Chinese version of the app, you will not be able to read where to tap.
Just find the button with Green or blue Icon and tap on it, anyhow we have given you the English version of the app, which will not create any hurdle for you in this regard.
Within few minutes the phone will be rooted, and you will get the limitation removed from the phone.
Now, one can install the desired application, tools or anything what you want.
Make it sure, enable the SuperUser option in your phone, it checks and balance the security level in the phone.
And pass through every application what you are going to install in your phone after rooting to SuperUser option.
Kingroot got some unique and mind-blowing features like the app got the highest success ration of rooting as compare to any of the other rooting application. Or the rooting of the phone using Kingroot is like eating a piece of cake; even a kid would root the phone using the app. Kingroot download V5.3.6 for your android device.
Once Click Root

Kingroot Download V5.3.6 APK Information

Application Name
App Updated On
Not Updated Yet
No of Downloads
100,000,000 – 500,000,000
KingRoot Studio
Google plus

Street Racing 3D Game for Android V1.7.1


Street Racing 3D Game Free Download

Street Racing 3D Game logo
Street racing 3d game always amused me. I love to put my car on the street and race with other racers. If you also were searching for a game related to car racing, Street racing 3D game will hit the nail right on the head. By using this application one can race and compete with the world-class racer and show them off you got something in racing. The app got something different and unique, you should say, all the tools and features which can amuse a racer while playing this game, already have been added in it. So, just tap the download button, get the app on your Android phone and start exploring the hidden features and hidden talent of you.
We already have given you the download option, just hit the download button and get the app in your phone
Start driving your car on never seen before asphalt road, you might have imagined you are driving on Asphalt road, which in reality is not possible. But, in here in the game, it is possible.
So, fasten the seat ballet, add some race, chose you’re best unique and different featured car, and add some tool manually to give them some extra power. And show others the skills which always have been hidden from you.
Race in different modes of the street scene; show the rivals you are the best in the real competition with the amazing speed of you.
Take the different turns,  add your favorite music as the background music, chose the voice, chose the color of the car, design of the car, add something manually, increase the power of your favorite vehicle and put it on your spot.
The 3D graphics of the game will amuse you at the highest level- you would get the real feeling of racing.
The game got much for those who know how to drive the racing car, if you a novice and do not know much about racing, should start with a beginner level.
Download Street Racing 3D APK from the given download link, install it on your Android device and nail down the competitors by showing your racing skills.
Street Racing 3D Game Start
Street Racing 3D Game leaderboard

Street Racing 3D Game APK Information

Package Name
Street Racing 3D
Updated On
5 September, 2018
File Size
Number Of Installation
50,000,000 - 100,000,000
Android Requirements
4.0 and Up
4.4 Stars out of 5
Developer Contact
Offered By

Download APK - Google Play


Trial Xtreme 4 Mod APK Free Download For Androids


Trial Xtreme 4 For Android

Trial Xtreme 4 Mod APK logo
Trial Xtreme 4 is very interactive game which allows you to ride on a motorbike, and reach the milestone as quickly as possible. The control of the game is superb; this game provides you something special which no other racing motorbike game can provide. Like, in this game you are going to reach the final spot after crossing the hurdles, your only goal is to reach the final spot quickly. No, stunt, No limits no goal and no star system in the game, high-speed racing fun game.
In this mod APK more than 40 levels of the game are not going to make you feel bored while playing. One level to the other level, though it becomes difficult to cross when you go upwards, the taste and amusement arouse along with.
In starting of the game, at the first level, you might not be able to control and cross the different hurdles and stops. But, by the time you will reach to climb and jump or flip when some hurdles came your way.
As I narrated, you need to achieve the quickest time possible; by this one can upload the results to worldwide scoreboard to get to know where you are in the game.
In this way, even you can become a champion, play the game, cross the hazard and win at the end.
Trial Xtream 4 APK bridge

Features of Trial Xtreme 4 Mod APK

  • Though the levels of the games make it little difficult to play especially at higher levels, it can make you stick into your screen all the night, no boring at all.
  • More than Forty levels of the game
  • Best graphics and control over your ride
  • Addictive game 
  • Virtual reality game, you can feel the real riding on the motorcycle.
  • To gain more points in the game, try to go as fast as possible, learn forward to claim and faster drive your rear wheel only.

Trial Xtream 4 APK hilly areas

Trial Xtream 4 APK hurdles

Trial Xtream 4 Mod APK Information

Package Name
Trial Xtream 4
App Updated on
23 October, 2018
Number of installation
Android requirement
4.1 and Up
4.3 stars out of 5
Offered by
Deemedya INC