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Masha and the Bear 2022 APK Download


Cartoons have an educational impression on Kids. What you want to teach your kids, just switch to that type of cartoon channel, and you will see improvements within days. Masha and the Bear 2022: Good night applications do the job for you. In this, Masha and the Bear 2022 are two main characters, and they do some stuff before going to sleep.

Not only the Masha and The Bear, but all characters in the forest also not sleeping, no one fell into sleep- all are doing the stuff which they need to do before sleeping. Someone is trying to clean the mess out, and some are trying to find their favorite TV channel.

A character came into Masha and the Bear's home and he took a bath and start listening to his favorite music.

Every character in the game has something different, something unique to teach to your Kids.

Like, kids can learn to count in here, there are different shapes with counting, when the kids match the right sequence of counting, some painting appears.

So, by doing this Kid can learn to count, and enjoy the playing of the game on the other hand as well.

Every character, from the cartoon Masha and the Bear app, has lots of urgent things which they need to do before going to bed.

Like somebody in the cartoon, the game needs to put the things in order, and another wants to count start.

One more character from the game wants to watch their favorite cartoon and animation movie. A character came up to Masha's house, and he wants to listen to peaceful and calm music.

Bedtime stories and lullabies are much better than just cartoons, the main character of the game is you, and you need to write another fairytale.

Anyone who likes cartoons and adventures, Masha and the Bear invites you to a new conceptual interactive app with bedtime stories and animals and you wish them goodnight.

Play the game with your kids, and get lots of amusement from it, just tap on the download button and get the application on your phone. If the link does not work, please do comment in the comment section.

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MCent Browser App Download for Android


Did you ever hear about surfing on a browser gives you free data to surf more internet? But, the browser which I am going to give you the download link provides the same. This browser by surfing internet using provides you free data. The more you use this browser to read articles, watching videos, the more you will get a reward to surf more free data.

So, that is very gracious opportunity you have gotten, tap on the download button and get the mind-blowing app MCent Browser.

The browser is really impressive when we look at the features of it. Like, it is integrated with all the latest features, which should be included in the top-ended browser.

In this browser, you get the option to block the annoying ads, and even install it for all the websites.

You can personalize your search, tabbed browsing, switching the different tabs efficiently, and data saving text only setting, and smart downloading options.

You name the features, and I will tell you either it has been already integrated into this or not.

Features of MCent Browser Fast and Safe plus Free Data APK

The MCent browser app is one of the leading browser of the market, very friendly interface with simple searching screen stand this browser in the massive crowd.

Adblock feature allows you to block the annoying ads, even block all websites

Bookmark any website and reach to them with just one tap of the finger for later

Smart Personalized search allows you to search the next stuff based on the previous search 

Download from the net and save immediately

Incognito tab allows you to not save the browsing history, data and protect your privacy

Browsing history allows you to check which websites you watched in the recent times so that you could access them even later

 Delete the history with one tap if you want

Save some pages for offline reading

Auto fill form allows you to get the quick and easy writing online

So, as I said, you name the features, and it will already be integrated into this browser.

You need to download MCent Browser Fast and Safe plus Free Data APK from the given download link, just tap on the download button and get the app on your phone. 

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Hay Day APK Download 2021 V1.51.91


Do you know the pros of this modern world? Even though we are very close to each other, we have gadgets to interact with each other, and Social networking platform to get connected with family and friends. Despite having all these facilities, we are un-social. We do not spend time by sitting and conversation with one another. We feel so alone in the world; with just one call can bring the all family member to your doorstep.

So, the need for an application was very much required. Which could build social interaction? You know what we watch and what we play in video games; have very much influence on us. So, by playing this Hay Day APK game, you will be farming, you will crop, and trade the foods to your neighbor.

In this game, the neighbors will be a discussion about the farms, foods, cropping, harvesting, and seeding.

The application provides you the option to swap the crops, exchange different animals, and build a strong relationship with your neighbors.

Players have to crop different plants in their fields and then harvest with your neighbors and friends.

You can do this with just swipe of the fingers.

You will get the similar control for farm animals, or going to fishing in the lake near you.

Hay day lets you trade with your friends from Facebook and other social networking platforms.

Hay Day is the perfect grab for those who want to build some social interaction within them. As, when you start playing the game, you will start feeling how much this thing is important to stay happy.

Hay day is full of life, with a high level of details and customization option, which you can get on your farm.

You can create totally unique farms by inviting your friends, it depends on you how you take your imagination

So start playing Hay Day one of the best farming game, and start revealing the inner side of you.

Tap on the download button to download Hay Day APK V 1.51.91 from the given download link, if the link does not work, please do comment in the comment section.

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50 Fonts For Samsung Galaxy 12 V8.0


Do you want to play with different fonts, styles, and colors? Do you want to make your phone stand out- and to impress others with your fonts and styles? Then you might have landed on the right spot. The application lets you install different 50 fonts on your Samsung Galaxy mobile phone. With just tap of your finger, you will be getting all the fonts installed and optimized for your phone.

So, download 50 Fonts For Samsung Galaxy 12 from the given download link and start writing in the font you love the most.

Most of the times, we feel bored of writing in the same font again and again.

And we look for some new style and want to get some new fonts which could be compatible with our phones. And if you have Samsung Galaxy mobile phone, then the app is just for you.

Install 50 Fonts for Samsung Galaxy 12 APK

You need to download the application from the given download link
To get the application installed on your device, you need to follow the below-mentioned process
As, you have downloaded the application, from the third-party source according to Google Play Store, which is the official store of Android.
And to get an app installed, downloaded from a third-party source you have to change the installation setting to a third party source.

Tap on the setting of the mobile phone

Tap on the security setting or app setting

And check the unknown source button on

Now, you have all set to get the application on your Android phone

Chose the favorite font to write in

To choose the desired font to write in, you need to follow me

Go to the main screen of the app

And tap on the display setting button

Select option of font style

Now, you get all the fonts of this font pack

Chose the font which you want

You have gotten 50 fonts

So, download 50 Fonts for Samsung Galaxy 12 APK from the given download link and install it on your phone, if the link does not work, please do comment in the comment section.

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Lucky Day V7.5.1 Win Real Rewards


Do you believe it on, scratch the cards and win the real money and rewards? If so, then you need to get the latest download link of Lucky Day- Win Real Money APK. The application really provides you some mind-blowing offers of free scratcher and Lotto offers. With daily opportunities to win up to $100,000 in cash instantly, earn rewards or enter raffles.

This is a free lifestyle experience on your mobile device, the application claims to change the lives of the millions offering free games to play and to earn millions.

Play your free Lotto and scratch cards for a chance to win the real rewards by just scratching the cards and playing the games giving at this platform.

It is a free game to play, and you really get the chance to win the game, if you are lucky enough.

Features of Lucky Day win Real Rewards

Lucky day is really a good offering for those who want to earn millions by just scratching the cards.

Win the jackpot prizes of $100,000 by just entering the daily lotto

Match three winning symbols and win the whopping amount of money

You even earn gifts from the top brands like Amazon, Walmart, Dunkin donuts, target etc.

Earn Raffle giveaways

Enter daily lotto codes and reveal the results at 7 pm

Now, again scratch the next card at 12 AM

To get the bonus of scratch cards, you have to wait for daily 10 AM

You would be thinking how it can be possible to earn that amount of money by just following a game or matching different codes or numbers.

Over $1.5 million in cash and rewards have already given by the Lucky Day players, and you can be the next in the list of lucky drawers.

By checking the recent winner list, you would come to know that the lucky day is really providing that amount of rewards to the players.

Scrap the cards, and lotto drawing games are daily available on this application.

Just tap on the download button and get the application on your mobile phone. If the link does not work, please do comment in the comment section.

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Facebook Business Suite V301.


Facebook pages are a great way to convey your message to the targeted audience. With just one post, you can connect with your fans, audience, and customers, and get to know what they think about your product, your latest song or new project. Do not confuse between Facebook page manger with Facebook business suite, because both are same. In Google playstore you may find Facebook manger as business suite. 

So, you need to handle the stuff on your pages, like you get to know the latest comments, shares, and conversations on the specific product. By using the default profile of you, it all gets mixed up, your personal notifications and page's notification. More chances of it, you do miss the important comment or any conversation. So, by seeing this complexity, Facebook Inc. now developed an official application. The app lets you do the job, to see the notification, and to read the feedback from your customers and fans.

You can manage all the content related to your page, by moving to the page's separate profile.

Like you can simply add someone to admin to that page, enable notification for the separate hashtag, edit the photo or wallpaper, and saved your profiles, upload the photos and much more in that way.

Read all the messages directly what you customer sent to you, and reply them instantly.

Get alerts about the latest activity, and see all the notification in one place

Track the promotions right from the application, and see the activity or reach to your product.

Get the combined look of Instagram and Facebook page under one roof, and read comments on your post and Instagram comments as well.

The application caters all the needs of a celebrity or a business owner who mess all the stuff up due to the complexity of seeing comments.

Features of Facebook Business Suite APK

·         See all the notifications of your customers, fans, and friends on your pages

·         Read the messages directly from the page's profile

·         Push notifications, get alerts about important activity

·         Get important notification of specific hashtags

·         Manage content direct from the from

·         Edit the profile, change it or post anything you want

Now you need to download Facebook Business Suite APK from the given download link and get the job done of managing pages.

If the link does not work please do comment in the comment section. 

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Pocket Paradise APK V1.2.0


Do you love playing video games on your Android mobile phone? Then you might have been known to the Pokémon game, the game which we are going to provide is not a Pokémon, but the concept and gameplay of this akinPokémon series of the games. This is a mobile game with the hundreds of Elfins, in the game the players will be the elfin trainers, and in it can use the poke ball to collect and finish the elfin grid. In this way, you can grow the elfins to the super S level and you will become in this way the strongest trainer to obtain the league champion.

For those who were hunting down to get the direct download link of Pocket Paradise APK, the link is a treat. Just tap on the download button and get the link on your Android phone, head towards installing it by following the safest method.

If you are not able to install it on your Android phone, as you have gained the APK file from third party source, not from Google Play Store, you will be blocked by the Android to get it installed.

So, go to the setting of the Android phone -> Security setting or App setting-> and find the unknown source radio button, and check it on.

Hope you will overcome the installation error, by following the above-mentioned method.

Features of Pocket Paradise APK V 1.2.0

The game has been integrated with the unique evolution and matching system, which can help you to cultivate the elfins.

  • 17 types of original attributions
  • More than 20 epic legendary elfins
  • Hundreds of original elfins and fantastic skills to trigger the fated duel
  • Cultivate your elfins to upgrade to new S level
  • Unique friends, speed up the system and obtain the different quickly resources
  • Very addictive gameplay, you could play the game entire night without blinking of an eye
  • More than 50 levels of the game, indulge you to get the game going to the next and next levels.

So, you can download the link from the given download link, just tap on the download button for it. If the link does not work, please do comment in the comment section.


Snakes & Ladders King V20.04.02


Snake and Ladder are impressive, lucrative, addictive, and above all adorned with the best graphics. The game totally depends upon your luck, you need to roll the dice, and if you are lucky enough not to come to the head of the snakes you will arrive at 100 before your competitor arrives.

If you have played Ludo King, the game got the same gameplay.

The game starts with the rolling of the dice, you to roll the dice in order to move to a different position on the board the destiny to reach at 100 numbers.

In that journey, you will be pulled down by the snakes and raised to a higher position if you to come on the ladder by chance.

An interesting feature which makes the game more interesting the collection of the star makes you go forward to go backward.

The game consists of two-player mods, single-player mode, and multiplayer mode.

In multi-player mode, you to play more than one player, and the destination becomes harder for you.

In a single-player, you to play with the robot, while in multiplayer you can go with online friends.

The playing of the Snakes & Ladders King refresh the childhood memories, you can go with your kids to play the game even, who are looking for fun and entertainment.

The application we have given in here, you just tap on the download button and get the APK file on your Android mobile phone.

So, you need to go with the favorite mode of you, either to go with the survival mode or to go with the computer mode, the second one is more complex to win.

Remember, the game does not determine you are genuine or not. So, the game depends sheer on luck, if you are lucky enough you will reach the milestone of 100.

Chose the option to invite your friends to play it with the multi-player mode

Download Snakes & Ladders King APK from the given download link, if the link does not work, please do comment on the comment section.

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Filter for SnapChat 2018 APK download


You might have used SnapChat, and you do know about the filters available on this platform. There are hundreds of the filters which are really hitting the nail right.  But, when you want to share those images, filtered images on the social networking sites, you will get no option. 

There was no option of this before, so you need to download Filterfor SnapChat 2018 APK from the given download link. Just tap on the download button and get the application on your phone. And start sharing those different filtered images on social networking sites.

Now, you get the idea that how you can do the job; now we are going down to narrate the features, and benefits the application provides.

The application is not associated with the officials of SnapChat; this is a third party application, which provides the additional features.

SnapChat filters app make fantastic photos with the snap chat face effects, you know how famous these filters are, and by using those same filters, you crop the images and share on social networking sites.

How to use Filterfor SnapChat 2018

·         You just take the picture or select the photo from the gallery

·         Crop, Zoom, rotate the photo

·         Add the stickers on your photo (Choose among 1000)

·         Overlay the unique filter

·         Add text to the photo

·         Edit the photo the way you want lips makeup, eyelashes, eyebrow, and white teeth brushes.

Features of Filterfor SnapChat 2018

·         It is a powerful tool which creates amazing photos, stickers, and wallpapers

·         Simple designs with the powerful collages maker and the superb photo editor

·         It is easy to use an editor that can edit the photos the way you want

·         There are so many effects, stickers, and features that you can apply to the photos

·         A very comprehensive photo editor

·         A unique filter which overlays typography to your photos

·         Crop, rotate and zoom the images

So, if you are really looking forward to grabbing such an amazing application, must go for it. And tap on the download button to get the latest version of it. If the link does not work, please do comment in the comment section.

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Cooking Fever APK download V11.0.0


Are you cooking enthusiasts, and want to cook some amazing foods- but you afraid, the experience may go wrong, and you can get hurt by this? So, you want to go through some virtual experience of cooking food, Cooking Fever APK will be a nice grab in this case. By having the app installed on your Android phone, you will be cooking thousands of dishes, and earn points. The application based on the games, you need to cook the right food, which is given in the list, and if you could do that, you will get some points and earn rewards.

In this game, you will be establishing your own restaurant, and in which you are going to cook the food. Cooking fever apk is great guide to learn cooking through this app.

You need to upgrade the kitchen appliance, use all the ingredients on your foods given in the list. So, just tap on the download button given and install the application on your Android phone.

In this game, you will be able to practice your skills in a variety of ways, and a variety of settings and cooking techniques.

Decorate your restaurants to attract more clients, cooking is your hobby and you are going to make it your profession. And it is a very rare thing, the only task for you to make your clients and your customer happy with the foods you are cooking in the application.

This is an application that is addictive in nature, and you will be playing the game all night. So, before you do that just hold and disconnect your internet connection. As, real practice in cooking is a most important thing, the food which is you are cooking in here, you need to practice it in your real life.

The game needs an internet connection, so if you want to get the game going, must connect it to the internet connection.

There are more than 400 levels of the game, more than 400 dishes you need to cook, and you have to use 150 different ingredients to cook your food.

You can locate your restaurant in different 20 unique locations, upgrade the kitchen of the appliances, get those appliances you need to upgrade the game.

So, download Cooking Fever APK from the given download link and install it on your Android phone, if the link does not work, please comment in the comment section.

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