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ABC Spelling App V1.1.4 Spell & Phonics For Android


ABC Spelling App V1.1.4 Spell & Phonics

ABC spelling app
Little Kids find it difficult to spell the words. There should be something that can teach them how to pronounce the right words with correct spellings. And at that stage, if they learned not spelling right words, it can destroy their confidence at the very basic level. ABC Spelling-Spell& Phonics APK lets you provide a good option to teach your keywords alphabets. Interesting gameplay, make them memorize the right shape and spelling of a word.
In this game, a picture will be shown on screen, and spelling of that picture right above the picture, but that will not be in the correct order of alphabets.
The kid needs to make it correct, and pick the alphabet by touching the mobile phone screen and make them correct in order.
So, the interesting gameplay makes them memorize the right alphabets of right picture.
There are hundreds of pictures in this way, to make the kids learn the basic of their learning.
There are three types of exercise, or you can say levels of the game.
In the first level of the game, what I described above the pictures, match the correct letters at the top and chose the tiles below.
Place the alphabet in correct order to spell the word right.
And if your kid makes them aligned correctly, you will get points or prize right after that.
Blank spelling is the second level of the game, in this; a picture will have all the alphabet of it, except one alphabet. The job is to put the right alphabet in the right place to make the picture complete.
This level of the game is presented in bright graphics; you know kids love the color and touching. So, cartoons, dogs, cats, hats, like these things will make them clear the very basic of learning.
Learn how to spell

Learn words by matching them with pictures

sound out words with fun phonics

Features of ABC Spelling App- Spell& Phonics APK

  • Fun game along with learning for toddler, kids and non-native adults
  • Colorful graphics, allow the kids to have fun with learning
  •  Different shapes, interesting objects make their picture clear along with spelling and alphabets.
  • Soundcard show the learning process to parents
  • Parent will have complete control of the game
  • Collect points and prizes to celebrate each mile in the game.

ABC Spelling App APK Information

App updated on
24 August, 2018
Package name
ABC Spelling – Spell & Phonics
Number of installation
1,000,000 – 5,000,000
Android requirement
4.1 and Up
4.6 Stars out of 5
Official site

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Word Connect Download APK V2.282.0 For Android


Word Connect Download APK V2.282.0

Word Connect Download
Word connect is an interesting game to learn new words, one can easily steep upward by playing an interesting game and learn English rapidly. Word Connect APK is the famous platform, and the organization has developed other educational application, to add values in user's lives. So, download Word connects APK from the given download option, install it on your phone and start playing the game.
The interface of the application is simple, this game gives arbitrary alphabets, and user needs to make words out of those words. There can more than one word be made out of the given words, and if you provide the wrong answer the triangle would not be complete, this is an indication to try again to crack the word correctly.
In this learning process, one can get more than one words and can increase vocabulary.
Simply swipe the letters block and build words,becomes the vocabulary master within days.
It is the right time to play the game, to unveil the hidden words, and gauge your vocabulary.

Main Features of Word Connect

  •          Word connect APK is trusted application, and it is powered by Oxford Dictionary, this thing makes this stand us in crowd massively.
  •          Simple, easy to understand and addictive game
  •          More than 3000 levels in the game to make you busy in learning new words
  •          Log in every day, create your personal account, and challenge yourself daily
  •         You even can go to the gameplay where you left previous day
  •         Different candy for eyes theme, to make you feel freshness in the game
  •          Add your family members and other friends to get to know who wins the game, this can make the game little challenging
  •          Use your time wisely, play the game, in this way one can learn along with some amusement
  •          Mind-blowing graphics
  •          Thousands of words to unveil
  •          Supports Android and tablet

Download Word Connect APK from the given download link; install it on your phone.
Your device setting would not allow you to install the app without changing the installation setting; change the setting to third-party installation.
Swipe to build words
 Word connect enjoy crosswordWord connect various modes

Word Connect Download APK Information

Package Name
Word Connect
Updated On
21 June 2018
File Size
Number Of Installation
Android Requirements
4.1 and Up
Offered by
4.7 Stars out of 5
Developer Contact

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Buttocks Workout At Home APK- Hips, Leg & Butt Workout App


Buttocks Workout At Home APK V1.o.21

Buttock workout at home logo
You do not have access to gym, or trainer? Still waiting for the proper instructor to make you fit? Then you might not start working out, now you just need to have an application, Buttocks Workout at home, through which you can exercise of hips, legs & butt. You just need to install latest apk of buttocks workout on your device with an Internet connection. Start watching the tutorial here, see how the instructor is guiding you and start following them to make you fitter, sharper and curvy.
In women's body butt, stomach, thighs are the part which starts bulking in days. If you do not workout, especially these parts of the body, you will be shaped out and become bulky. This app lets you guide to fetch you into shape.
The app holds the month training, you just need to properly follow the videos, and instruction, do as repetition as mentioned in the videos. Within one month you will become sexier and attractive all over again.
30 days plan
 at home no equipmentCalories counter per day

The exercise mentioned in the app suits every age women, you can calculate the burned calories by seeing the repetition and can get to know how much you need more to burn for that day.
Take a few minutes off from your work, or household works, and spread your mate in the floor, follow the given instructions and exercise.
Few minutes in a day can shape your butt, legs, and thighs, and you should remember you are not on diet, you are not going in the gym nor any tool required following the routine.
The effective lower part workout is designed to lower down the weight of thighs, butt, and legs to make them look beautiful and attractive as they were before.
This application is designed a team of people in which top women health and fitness experts were included, all these workouts can be done anywhere anytime in your home or job.
You need to increase the repetition accordingly given instruction; these are coach tips which are going to make you fit all over again.
You need to be in proper form, you need to stretch your body to start your workout daily, and otherwise, you can get your muscles break done.
Download Buttocks Workout-hips, legs & butt workout APK from the given download option, install it on your phone and start making yourself fit, slim and healther.
Daily Routine stretches
 Tighten and liftTrack Progress history

Buttocks Workout At Home APK Information

App updated on
3 August, 2018
Package name
Buttocks Workout
Number of installation
10,000,000 – 50,000,000
Android requirement
4.2 and Up
4.9 stars out of 5
Offered by
Simple Design Ltd


My McD’s App V5.19.0.30 - Food and Drink APK For Android


My McD’s Canada App V5.19.0.30

My McD's app Logo
Are you great fan of McDonalds, love to eat and drink. Then just order through My McD’s app and they will bring you the order. You don’t need to go there, order and waiting for the food to come. Before leaving home, order your favorite food and it will be available before you reach your home. The application came up with new customization, improved than before and more convenience than ever before. Just have the app on your Android device, install it and start using it for a better experience.
Though the idea of the application came late in McDonald, and currently they are expanding it for different countries of the world. Now, you only can have the app and its features in Edmonton, Hamilton and Quebec City.
Just order before leaving any place, if you are hasty and find not enough time to wait, just order before leaving and get the food right in your car or vehicle. Just enter your parking stall number while ordering your favorite food.
Now, order ahead and pay via your mobile phone and get the food at your own place.
The application's idea even more expanded and additional features have been added like you can book your table, and get the food at any fixed table you want.
Though you might have to pay the amount for extra services, it is worth.
Or choose to pick your food at the front counter- just have a look at the order number what appear on the pick screen, and be there at that time. No need to wait there for hours, you will get an exact time when your food be ready or when the food be delivered to you.
Drive through the vehicle is an extra and additional feature, you just order and tell them the order number, and rest will be taken by McDonald's officials.
Save your favorite food, if you do not like something, just wrote there, you do not like pickles, write down there, no problem, you will get the food in the way you want.
Search for your nearby McDonald' restaurant and get the weekly or monthly offers.
Download My McD’s APK from the given download option, install it on your Android phone get an order to get your loved food at your doorstep.
 Pick up your McD's 4 different WaysPick up your delicious Order

My McD’s V5.19.0.30 APK Information

Package name
My McD’s
Updated on
10 July 2018
File size
Android requirements
4.4 and Up
Email Address
Offered by
Mcdonald’s Canada

Euro Truck Driver 2018 (Simulator) Download For Android


Euro Truck Driver 2018 APK 

Euro Truck Driver 2018 logo
In this game, you are going to be a truck driver. Free download Euro Truck Driver 2018 (Simulator) APK from the given download link, install it on your Android device, start traveling around different countries of the world. You are going to amaze your friends by traveling to different amazing places of the world, drive in there, and deliver the food and other things which you are transporting.
Your task in the game is to deliver cargo in different places, though the task seems not that difficult, having a bulky truck and moving this around different and difficult places is not that easy.
If you were successful in delivering stuff, you will get some reward, points, and by using these you could upgrade your truck and add some different tools to help you in driving better than before.
In Euro Truck Driver (Simulator) APK either you go with the online mode with your friends or just going into career mode to play yourself.
If you are a beginner player and do not have enough experience of driving trucks, you should go with the career mode.
After that, gaining some experience you could go to the online mode, and share the game with your friends so that you could multiply the amusement of the game.
From the earned money, after delivering the cargos you buy new wagons, pump up the possibilities of already purchase and manage the design you got for your truck.
Euro Truck Driver 2018 new truck

Features of Euro Truck Driver (Simulator) APK

  •          Euro Truck driver is a great experience of the driving truck around the different countries like Berlin, Madrid, Paris, Rome. Go with the multi-player mode, if you find it boring by playing alone.
  •          Get different brands of European trucks
  •          More than 20 plus different cities and countries location
  •         Drive country roads and highways
  •          Request new truck, if you have accident and lose the control over truck
  •          Amazing sounds
  •          Real-time visual damage to the trucks
  •          Easy control
  •         Controller support
Euro Truck Driver 2018 multiplayer system

Euro Truck Driver 2018 customize your truck

Euro Truck Driver 2018 APK Information

App updated on
15 February 2018
Package name
Euro Truck Driver
Number of installation
Android requirement
4.1 and Up
Visit Site
4.4 stars out of 5
Google Plus
Offered by
Ovidiu POP