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Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery APK


 If you are a great fan of Harry Potter movies and want to add some more amusement to your life, then you need to get the latest released Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. The official application released by Jam City, Inc. Do you want to preview the game and want to dive into the magical world of Hogwarts, and then we have found APK for you, so you just need to get the latest version of it, and install it on your Android mobile phone.

If you are going to play the game, then you might have decided to attend the most famous school of magic around the globe. You have taken the right decision; you will find no better place or organization than this, to get an education related to mystery or magic.

The new role-playing game, Harry Potter, Hogwarts Mystery has now been released around the globe, though initially the game was released only for some south Asian countries. But, now it had expanded to around the globe, and you also can get the latest version of it.

Install Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery APK

If you have downloaded the APK file from the link and trying to install it on your phone and getting an error, the app is blocked to install on your phone. You need to change the Android phone setting, check for the unknown source option.

The app is simple to install and pretty straight wired to get it on your phone.

The story of the game started several years ago, before the adventure of Harry Potter.

In this Android mobile phone, you will be sorting out the many problems, which have been created lots of problems for the other fellows.

Meet new friends, fight with the opponents, and study magic under the supervision of the world's known magic professors and teachers.

The game also features a House cup, friendship, and nature among the other friends.

So, now Hogwarts is your school, and you are going to become the next something in the magic world.

Download the Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery APK file from the given download link, and install it on your phone.

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MediBang Paint Android APK V19.6

Do you love comic creation, and want to create some digital painting for your next professional project? If yes, then you have landed on the right spot, from here you can download the latest version of MediaBang Paint android application. The application comes with Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS. The application works fine with the cloud saving, you here do the changes and get that changes saved on your cloud, no worries of data loss. The application comes loaded with brushes, fonts, backgrounds, and other handy resources, which you need to make a strong drawing. The illustrator allows you to draw anything, anywhere and stand out in the massive crowd. Illustrators and comic book writer finds the application very helpful, as you can search and choose anything that you are required for your project. You get here numerous brushes, screening, backgrounds, cloud fonts, and other comic creation tools.

So, easily manage the backup on the cloud storage, and get your data saved without any great trouble.

Features of MediBang Paint Android APK

  • Though the program was designed to work on desktop, but seeing the popularity of the smartphone, now it can be installed on Android phones.
  • The application comes with almost every feature that you require for painting and comic writing, the features which were on the desktop, are there on the Android platform.
  • The interface is quite simple and handy you can easily pain, change brush size, or color anything without any problem.
  • 100 brushes provide you the versatility to do anything
  • HSV mode allows you to change the colors instantly
  • Chose from the Airbus, Pencil, Watercolor, G pen and other round brushes to give spectacular look to your creations.
  • You get access to almost 850 tons, textures, backgrounds, and word balloons free of cost
  • You can add new backgrounds to your creations
  • The tones and textures just like the drag and drop method
  • So, chose the right fonts for the right scenes
  • By having the tool installed on your phone, you can create a stress-free drawing, with a completely simple and user-friendly interface
  • Especially the new users who do not know much about drawing and illustrating can get the right use of this tool.

So, download MediBang Paint Pro APK from the given download link, and install it on your Android phone, if the link does not work, please do comment in the comment section.

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Shadowgun Legends OBB + MOD + 1.0.5


Shadowgun Legends finally arrived on Android, the developers made it possible to release the game worldwide. If you have played the previous version of Shadowgun, then you might have an idea about the action and the graphics of the series. The first version of the series was third person game, but this version what we are going to provide in here is FPS game.

It is a free game to play, the game does not have an offline version gameplay, so do not worry about putting the unlimited money and other stuff to get an extra life.

The game is based on an epic war story, where the aliens attack humans and want to clean the earth from humans.

You and other millions are trying to save the world from those aliens.

You fight alongside millions of players to save mankind from the mysterious creature.

Kick some alien butt by following the action-packed driven story.

Gameplay seems like little inspired by the modern combat, the auto shoot is there, and you have no need to tap and shoot.

Just aim the enemy and your gun will start firing automatically.

The graphics of the game is a real treat; you will like playing the game in real.

If you to compare the game with the modern combat, you are wrong, the game instills a beta phase, and still, there are additions which will be made very soon.

Features of Shadowgun Legends Beta

  • A true Shadowgun legends
  • The true Shadowrun gameplay
  • The graphics of the game are impressively nice, and you feel like real playing the game
  • No need to worry about shooting, auto shoot option has made it easier.
  • You just aim, and the feature will do the rest of the job
  • Take on the different missions and earn rewards
  • Character customization, and different gears
  • Experience the most advanced weapons and gear system in the mobile gaming world
  • Collect 500 plus lethal weapons and more
  • With hundreds of cosmetic options stand out in the massive crowd
  • Hunt for the rarest weapons
  • Customize your gears with paints
  • So, if you really want to taste a war play, must go for Shadowgun Legends Beta, and download the game from the given download link, and install it on your Android device.


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GPS Map Navigation


GPS Map Navigation

GPS Map Navigation and directions application have made our life lot easier than it was before. When we had to visit someplace off-shore, we hire some guide with us. As, we were not able to find the locations, addresses, and streets, but, now just have the app installed on your device, and start finding locations.
Plan your trips, routed around the world, travel through the different famous locations of the world. Find your current location, and feed the location where you want to go. That's it, the app navigation menu will lead you to the address. Even, if a road is blocked, it will provide you the alternative street address to reach your location.
Just download GPS Map Navigation and directions from the given download link, install it on your Android device, and go to your favorite destination.
Open Street Map (OSM) is the best feature this application has. This feature lets you know the street addresses, according to your mobile current location. If you mistakenly took the wrong turn off the street, it will notify you the right track to reach a destination.

Features of GPS Map Navigation, and directions

·         Tour around the world using any method of transportation using the tracker, and share your location with your friends and family member, so, that they could get to know the right location for you.
  • Route planner let you know either you should have a walk or grab a transportation if you are using a specific route.
  • Find nearby locations, restaurants, banks, ATMs, shopping malls, food points and much more
  •  Voice GPS provides you to listen to the address
  • Location tracker via GPS gets you the latitude and longitude
  • Get the satellite vide, earth view and street view
  • Bus route tracker, railway route tracker, bike paths, cycling paths, Subway maps and stations
  • Find food near you, hotels, gas stations, ATMs, bars, addresses of famous places of the city and zip codes even
  • Get the weather forecast, temperature reports, and photos of the maps or locations.
If you are planning to visit some famous place, before packing your luggage, you should gather information about that place. And Maps, GPS Navigation, and directions will be the right choice to get this information.

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Superheroes Car Stunt Racing Games for Android V 1.3


Superheroes Car Stunt Racing Games V1.3

Superheroes Car Stunt Racing Games
You are going to play Superheroes Car Stunt Racing game, the best car racing game in the town. Just get the application on your Android mobile phone, and race your competitors. Pick your best cars, and race with the other racer, and stand out in the massive crowd. You are going to pick Superheroes card, a war in the game. You can say it a combat of superheroes war. The best car racing stunt game, make your car a flying jet. And cross all the hurdles, which are trying to make you stop from the racing in the race battle.
In this game, you are going to cross different hurdles. Like, in the first level of the game you might need to cross the car while a stopping hurdle with a bone saw attached trying to make it.
You need to make the car cross that bridge, you need to have a close eye on the bone saw, and notice if you could squeeze within that bridge.
If you could cross the first level of the game, the second level of Superheroes Car Stunt Racing Games is super exciting.
In which you need to make your car fly, and take it to the next hill. Make the car driving on the road, as it can be on the top of the hill, drop-down and fell you down to stop the game within no time.
The super-exciting levels of the game fall in love with it. You need to reach the last level of the game, to get to know far you can handle the game.

Features of Superheroes Car Stunt Racing Games

Superheroes Car stunt racing game is a superb game to pick, you would love to play even the first level of the game.
  •   Superb graphics of the game
  • Levels of the game make you attached to the inch and squares of it
  •  Interesting Stunts
  • Make your car a super Jet
  • Different vehicle to pick
  • Drive your favorite vehicle
  • Drive the car the way you want
So, tap on the download button to download Superheroes Car Stunt Racing Games from the given download link, if the link does not work, please do comment in the comment section.

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