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U Dictionary Offline English Learning Dictionary V3.5.0


U Dictionary Offline APK V3.5.0

U Dictionary Offline logo
For non-native English readers and learners, you know the biggest hurdle. English pronunciation, Vocabulary, and use of the correct word in a correct place in a sentence are quite difficult. You have started learning English, that’s good. Now you need this offline U dictionary to learn English in a proper way. Learning English become simple through U Dictionary, because though this beautiful app you can search the meaning of all difficult words. U Dictionary is best English Learning Dictionary, through which you can learn English within few weeks.
You know the app was awarded as best Self-improvement application in 2016, as it adds the value in the user's lives.
So, you would be curious to know, what more this dictionary offers?
Guys, this is the best dictionary ever for non-native English learners, like it provides you the translation of an English word in almost ten Indian Languages.
You can get the translation in Hindi, Telugu, Gujarati, Urdu, Arabian, Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, and Bengali. And 16 other International languages also add the cherry on the cake.

Features of U-Dictionary Offline: Best English Learning Dictionary

I assure you this is one of the best and top rated app on the internet. You can listen to words, to get to know the pronunciation; you can also directly get the meaning of a word just after selection while reading online.
  • This app provides more than 38 languages, you can get translation of an English word in these languages easily
  •  Hear the words, if you want to learn how to pronounce
  • Offline mode helps you to use it while not having internet connection
  •  5 words daily to make you learn new things
  • 5 New quotes to provide more vocabulary
  • Provide you sentences accordingly words
  • Perfect English punctuations
  • Speed recognitions
  • Save important words
  • Read articles daily on home page
  •  Quick translate
Download U-Dictionary: Best English Learning Dictionary APK from the given download link, and install it on your device, hope you will get the advantage of this mind-blowing application. And try to learn new words each day. 
U Dictionary Offline Learn Offline
 U Dictionary Offline sentence translationU Dictionary Offline Word for Today

U Dictionary Offline APK Information

Package name
U Dictionary
Updated on
16 June 2017
File size
17.1 MB
Number of installation
10,000,000 – 50,000,000
Android requirements
Email Address
Offered By
Varies with devices
4.5 Stars out of 5


Heart Surgery ER emergency APK Android Download


Heart Surgery ER emergency APK V1.23 Android Download

Heart Surgery ER emergency logo
Heart Surgery ER emergency is a great application to have an experience of heart surgery. By playing this game, you can teach your kids how to deal a heart-attack. As the game is starting to describe the symptoms of Heart-attack, by seeing this, you can get to know if you are close to a heart attack. Because, sometimes we ignore the minor symptoms, and then get involved in a heavy work, we start getting wore pain in our chest, shoulder and into the hand.
So, the first thing you learn, when it comes to shoulder, chest and into the hand pain, that is a heart-attack, and one should deal like the way.
An ambulance is coming to your clinic, a new patient arrives in your hospital, and check him up either he got normal chest pain or heart attack.
Ok, once you check, examine how worse the attack was, and how to deal with it?
If it was that worse, need to check if some major organs stopped working, call the lungs doctor, kidney doctor, and get to know if the organs are performing well.
Now, you need to examine, being a heart-surgeon if heart transplant will be alright or just giving an open heart operation will relieve the pain.
Alright now, you are up to performing the operation, you are going to have an open heart surgery.

This is not as easy as it sounds; you need to be ready mentally to perform this, should have proper sharp tools and should be confident about what you are going to do
Wear the surgery dress- wear the gloves, sanitize your hand and wrist and you need to be very precious while cutting the chest and making the proper place to do the surgery.
Be careful there are other organs aside; you need not hurt any of the organs.
And move the abs-up to perform the surgery.
The app is complete heart-surgery; there is another level of the game, where you transplant the heart.
So, you should download the game, Heart Surgery ER Emergency APK from the given download link. Install it on your device, at least it provides you the information to deal with a heart attack and basic symptoms of heart attack. If the link does not work fine, please do comment in the section, so that we could fix the error.

Heart Surgery ER emergency APK Information

App updated on
2 February, 2018
Package name
Heart Surgery ER Emergency
Number of installation
10,000,000 – 50,000,000
Android requirement
4.0 and Up
4.0 Stars out of 5
Official site


Chat Video Meet App V2.0.26 Free Download For Android


Chat Video Meet App V2.0.26

Everyone wants to meet new people, especially when you have broken any relationship. Social media has given us chance to find new people and soul mate even. But, social media especially Facebook has flooded with people. It is hard over here to get attention of anyone; it is difficult to find if the profile is real or not?
So, what is the other ways to find new people? There is an application, ChatVideo Meet New People APK provides you the option to meet new people, chat with them, have video calls and date each other.
So, have the app on your Android phone, we already have given you the download link, tap the download button and download Chat “Video Meet App” the latest version.

Features of Chat Video Meet App

  • The App would be a nice catch if you really finding ways to meet new people, as the app are specifically designed to get different regional people closer to each other.
  • Chat with new people, flirt, and date and meet new cool guys
  • Do not have need to fell into complex, search the people of your own taste
  • First, get to know enough information about the people, then send them messages, if they would find you enough interesting, they will ping you back
  • Chat with new guys, go live on videos and talk to each other over videos
  • Make new friends, find your soul mate even
  • Start a private conversation, if you do not find it good to contribute to group chats.
  • Have no need to pay any amount for audio calls, video calls, and text messages.
  • There is no limit on text messages even
  • Catchy interface, provide you good experience, each moment spend over here will be a moment memorable
  • High-quality video calls
  • Clean navigation, no pop-ups ads or annoying ads policy
  • No matter, if you landed on Chat Video Meet New People APK to flirt with some attractive girls. There is chance you will fall in love over here if something cool happened to you. So, stay focused and be consistent.
Download Chat Video Meet New People APK from the given download option, we have provided you with the latest version. If the link does not work, please do comment in the section.
Chat Video Meet App join your favorite chat room
Chat Video Meet App make new friendsChat Video Meet App unlimited calls

Chat Video Meet App APK Information

App updated on
1 September, 2017
Package name
Chat Video Meet
Number of installation
Android requirement
4.1 and up
4.2 stars out of 5
Offered by
Flaxbin Digital


Mega N64 Emulator Android APK V6.0 Free Download


Mega N64 Emulator Android APK V6.0

Mega N64 Emulator logo
Nowadays, Android is the biggest platform when it comes to apps and games. Every game developer necessarily designs the app accordingly to Android platform, but this is the OS which is new compared to Windows, Nintendo, XBOX, and Mac. So, what if one wants to play Nintendo games on Android, the game developer had not made according to the Android, as it was not yet been developed. So, there are emulators, which can perform the job smoothly, the thing, you need to download MegaN64 (N64 Emulator) APK to play the Nintendo 64 games on your Android phone.
You might have heard the names of these games, Mario Kart 64, Ocarina of time, Pokémon Stadium, Super smash bros and much more. All these games are for Nintendo 64 platform, you cannot have them on your Android device.
Mega N64 Emulator interface

How to use MegaN64 (N64 Emulator) APK to play Nintendo games on Android?

  • The use of this application is pretty simple- setting up this emulator is not that difficult, compare to the other Emulator which took time to set up.
  • Just tap the download button what we already have provided you
  • Install the application on your device, as you need to change the installation setting to third-party installation.
  • Launch the app store once
  • And start using it
  • You got complete control to play the Nintendo Games on your Android phone, start playing the games by touching the setup options. You can customize the controls even, and adjust the different visual options in the settings.
  • The graphics are still better, and one can go even deeper by depending on which Android phone you are using.
  • This is best emulator, which provides the difficult job with the simplest method. Last and the least, this emulator is free to use, you got no subscription charges, no download charges. It is not that hard to use the application to play your desired Nintendo game over here.
  • MegaN64 (N64 Emulator) APK is an open source application, if you think there can be something better as what is now, you can go and add some features.
Mega N64 Emulator captian falcon

Mega N64 Emulator Android APK

Package Name
MegaN564 (N64 Emulator)
App Updated On
14 May, 2016
12.2 MB
Number of installation
Android requirement
2.2 and up
4.6 stars out of 5
Offered by
Fastest Game Emulators


Hello-Caller ID & Blocking APK V4.0 Download For Android


Hello-Caller ID & Blocking APK V4.0 Download For Android

Hello-Caller ID & Blocking APK logo
Technology has changed the lifestyle of human being, today with the help of smartphone, we can contact with the rest of the world. On your figure tips you can search the whole universe. Now, people even do not go to the bathroom without their smartphones. We do not want to waste our time. Managing smartphone is not that easy, you sometimes receive calls from unknown numbers, to whom you do not want to talk. But, if once you picked, due to not knowing the details or record, you have to talk to them.
Hello-Caller ID & Blocking APK V4.0 block unwanted calls
 Hello-Caller ID & Blocking APK V4.0 latest infoHello-Caller ID & Blocking APK V4.0 who's calling

Main Features of Hello-Caller ID & Blocking APK V4.0

Hello-Caller ID and Blocking APK now come with greatest features. You can install this on your android phone; the app collaborates with your messenger and Facebook along with WhatsApp to give you exact details of that number, if that number is used on any of the platforms.
You can make Hello, your default messaging application, can organize your messages on a next level and block some person to whom you do not want to connect. Just put the number on the list, and that will not be able to call you again.
The app even provides you the email address of the person, the personal details and birthdays. So, that you could congratulate them on their birthdays by using the simple features in here
Hello-Caller ID and Blocking APK allows you to search the nearest bars, hotels, and restaurants
Simply tap on the search bar and search for the nearest place you want to go to have a dinner. The app will give you the exact location of the place.
So, what exactly you will get by having this app installed on your device, Arrange your message, block unwanted calls, get to know the details of each contact number, and find the nearest restaurants and hotels.
All that stuff on a single application, just tap the download button and download Hello-Caller ID and Blocking APK from the given option. If the link does not work, please do comment in the section.
No worry about your data and privacy, the app is developed by Facebook, and it is the official one.
Hello-Caller ID & Blocking APK V4.0 search for people
 Hello-Caller ID & Blocking APK select place Hello-Caller ID & Blocking APK call for free on messenger

Hello-Caller ID & Blocking APK V4.0 APK Information

Package name
Hello-Caller ID & Blocking
Updated on
4 August 2015
File size
Number of installation
500,000 – 1,000,000
Android requirements
Varies with device
Email Address
4.2 Stars out of 5
Offered by


Gaminator V2.6.2 Free Casino Slots APK Download


Gaminator V2.6.2 Free Casino Slots APK 

Gaminator V2.6.2 Free Casino Slots logo
If you want to get into online casino games, and access to the top slots in Europe and Las Vegas, Gaminator- Free Casino Slots will be the best application to provide you all this. This is one of the top online games, which can get you an access to the free virtual machines. The virtual currency being used inheres and you even can get it from the gameplay. Though, the game was made for the desktop and XBOX but later one, this had been released on Android platform. And now free available on Android. We have made it possible to provide you the download link. Tap on the download button to get Gaminator- Free casino Slots APK.
By having the app, you can get experience of playing in casino, or can have an experience of being in a casino. The way, game is set to played, how you need to react all will be there, and one can get to know the terms and conditions to play games in casino.
If you have not money on your Account to play the slot machines game, this application in starting does provide you bonus to move your chair.
Once you roll on, you will learn how to win in this, and you will be required money further in the game.
Gaminator V2.6.2 Free Casino Slots get free bonuses

Gaminator V2.6.2 Free Casino Slots favorite slots

Main Features of Gaminator- Free Casino Slots APK Game

Gaminator is the biggest platform which provides you to have an experience of sloting machines in casino
  •          No registration, no account needed
  •         Get the welcome bonus to roll on in Slot machines game
  •         The slots are completely free
  •         Loads of games and free bonus on each step to encourage you to play more
  •         Provide you the best possible way to double the money
  •          Multiply your amount
  •          On each level-up you get an extra dose of coins and points
  •          Sizzling hot Deluxe
  •          Book of Ra deluxe
  •          Power stars
  •          Super dice to roll on
  •          Super roaring to feel like a real casino
  •          Fruits and sevens
  •          Just jewels
  •          5 Line mysteries

Just tap the download button to download Gaminator- Free casino Slots APK from the given download button. If the link does not work, please let us know by commenting down in the section.
Gaminator V2.6.2 Free Casino Slots spin and win

Gaminator V2.6.2 Free Casino Slots book of RA

Gaminator V2.6.2 Free Casino Slots APK Download

App updated on
25 January, 2018
Package name
Gaminator-Free Casino Slots
28.0 MB
Number of installation
Android requirement
4.0.3 and Up
4.6 stars out of 5
Offered by