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Euro Truck Driver 2018 (Simulator) Download For Android


Euro Truck Driver 2018 APK 

Euro Truck Driver 2018 logo
In this game, you are going to be a truck driver. Free download Euro Truck Driver 2018 (Simulator) APK from the given download link, install it on your Android device, start traveling around different countries of the world. You are going to amaze your friends by traveling to different amazing places of the world, drive in there, and deliver the food and other things which you are transporting.
Your task in the game is to deliver cargo in different places, though the task seems not that difficult, having a bulky truck and moving this around different and difficult places is not that easy.
If you were successful in delivering stuff, you will get some reward, points, and by using these you could upgrade your truck and add some different tools to help you in driving better than before.
In Euro Truck Driver (Simulator) APK either you go with the online mode with your friends or just going into career mode to play yourself.
If you are a beginner player and do not have enough experience of driving trucks, you should go with the career mode.
After that, gaining some experience you could go to the online mode, and share the game with your friends so that you could multiply the amusement of the game.
From the earned money, after delivering the cargos you buy new wagons, pump up the possibilities of already purchase and manage the design you got for your truck.
Euro Truck Driver 2018 new truck

Features of Euro Truck Driver (Simulator) APK

  •          Euro Truck driver is a great experience of the driving truck around the different countries like Berlin, Madrid, Paris, Rome. Go with the multi-player mode, if you find it boring by playing alone.
  •          Get different brands of European trucks
  •          More than 20 plus different cities and countries location
  •         Drive country roads and highways
  •          Request new truck, if you have accident and lose the control over truck
  •          Amazing sounds
  •          Real-time visual damage to the trucks
  •          Easy control
  •         Controller support
Euro Truck Driver 2018 multiplayer system

Euro Truck Driver 2018 customize your truck

Euro Truck Driver 2018 APK Information

App updated on
15 February 2018
Package name
Euro Truck Driver
Number of installation
Android requirement
4.1 and Up
Visit Site
4.4 stars out of 5
Google Plus
Offered by
Ovidiu POP

Telenor EKYC APP (RD Service Version 23) Free Download


Telenor EKYC APP (RD Service Version 23) 

Telenor EKYC App logo
SIM registration has been a hectic job plus it takes lots of time in processing. You had to stand in a queue to verify you are the real person and want to get the SIM card, carrying all the data of that person and to manage them was never easy for the service providers. Now, Telenor took a bold step and started an initiative to register a SIM card on ADHAAR card along with Indian Government.
And e-KYC rolled out, this should say a new era of digitalization, and one step forward to making India a Digital India.
E-KYC is electronic customer verification; one should say an alternate of activation process which was recommended by the Telecom services of India.
A customer now by using E-KYC can register a phone number and activate that number by just providing the Adhar number and a biometric verification also needed to make this verify.
So, if you have been running that kind of business and you always carry the record of your customer who wants to get new SIM, you should get used of Telenor EKYC (RD Service Version 23) APK.
This application will let you allow new SIM cards by using the Adhar card and carrying a little machine to verify the person directly.
In this age of haste, you are not required to carry any other files now, no need to run for registration, plus you can add value to lives of your customer.
Just having an Adhar Card, Telenor E-KYC offers you to get your SIM instantly.


Telenor EKYC App Verify OTP
First, download Telenor EKYC (RD Service Version 23) APK from the given download link.
Put E-load Number and select OTP option
Verify OT and tap on the submit button
This you have done all requirement to download the application
Now, you have come at the stage of restringing a SIM card of your customer.
The process of issuing new SIM card and registering that new SIM card for a particular person is also very easy.
You just follow the instruction given on the screen and provide all the details.
Hope you will get the advantage of this application, and add the value in user's lives.
Download the Telenor EKYC (RD Service Version 23) APK from the link.
Telenor EKYC App Telenor 4G

Telenor EKYC App 47.5Million Users in India

TELNOR EKYC APK information

App updated on
16 October, 2017
Package name
Telnor EKYC
Number of installation
Android requirement
4.3 and up
3.5 stars out of 5
Offered by
Telenor India

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Durango APK Download Wild Land Latest Version 2.23.0


Durango APK Download Wild Land Latest Version 2.23.0

Durango APK Download logo
If you want to have an experience of wild lands and wants to roam around different oceans of the world, tap on the download button and get the app.
Durango: Wild Lands are the best mobile game of 2017 according to E3, and the players who have already seen it and played it also claim the same. It is one of the best online games, for the portable Android devices by the Korean developers. The only task of you in this game, to stay alive, wild animal’s hostile world of jungle different environment where you are going to make an effort of surviving
So, let’s start the game and be the hunter before the hunt, because if they spend some more time in here, and they will start taking everything from you.
The beta test of the game was first started in July 2017 and initially was supposed to close in October 2017. But, from the time of writing this topic, is not closed.
Durango APK Download dianosaurs

Main Features of Durango Wild Land APK

In this game, the player will be dropped into the world, where the world already divided into different technology zone.
Your task is to rebuild the society; there is nothing out there to support or to build any land, just empty raids, and endless island wat you expand in this.
You can find a new island, claim it, and build your own house there; you should develop new skills out there to survive.
Create a society, meet with other players, and get an army to secure your land, meet with other dangerous tribes, and assure them you are not here to demolish them.
The core idea of the game, building and creating a new society, from scratch
There is much more what you need to explore in here, but the real taste of the game comes, when someone attacks you and you defend yourself having a good and undefeatable, equipped army.
Download Durango: Wild Lands (Unreleased) APK from the given download link; install it on your device.
durango apk download fight with dianosaurs

durango apk download wild land

Durango Wild Land APK Information

Package Name
Durango Wild Lands
Updated on
19 April, 2018
Android requirement
4.4 and up
Offered by
Nexon Company


Driving Zone Germany APK Download For Android V1.11


Racing Game: Driving Zone Germany V1.11

Driving Zone Germany APK logo
I love car racing game. You just need to sit behind the wheels and drive. In this driving zone Germany you can drive top 10 lavish cars in the world, put them into the race with another racer and win the race. Today, you can have a highly acclaimed racing game, Driving Zone Germany APK which will surely amaze you with the graphics and features. The cars presented by the German Manufacturer, classic cars to latest developed lavishing sports cars.
The cars which are going to take part in the race, Driving Zone Germany APK got different and amazing sound; the technical specifications of these cars also stand out the crowd.
This game offers you four different tracks, accordingly your expertise and experience.
You can go to the high-speed highway, you only can control your vehicle when you are good at racing otherwise you will kill someone along with you. The second track, you can go to German town, which presents the magnificent view, especially at nights.
If you got something in racing and can race better than others, you should in the extreme racing of winter track in the icy roads.
Driving Zone Germany APK night

So, start the time of the day, when you go in driving, make the changes in your vehicle accordingly.
The best thing about this racing game, you can customize your vehicle, add some more bumpers, make them look better, increase the performance of your car by adding more features etc.
Start your engine, fasten your belt, press down the game and chase another racer as quickly as possible.
Driving Zone Germany APK Street

You are going to win the points when you left the other racer behind you, overtake other and earn as many points as you can.
You can go with the racing emulator, or physic car racing games, both are different from old arcade games and today modern games, but everyone got its own taste of playing and racing.
Record your gameplay videos by playing this game, and share on the social media to show off your friends.
Driving Zone Germany APK Crash

So, download the modern beautiful graphics game from the link install it on your Android device and start playing the most realistic car physics game ever.
Change the time of the game to your real-time, got your desired vehicle under you, and start racing with other world knew car racer.

Driving Zone Germany APK Information

Package Name
Driving Zone Germany
Updated On
2 April 2018
File Size
Number Of Installation
Android Requirements
4.1 and Up
4.4 Stars out of 5
Developer Contact

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Skrill App Latest APK V2.4.11 Free Download


Skrill App Latest APK V2.4.11 Free Download

Skrill App logo
Paying internationally over the internet sometimes creates hurdles for some people especially those who are living in Asia. In some Asian countries, people mostly do not hold any bank account, and they frightened from sending payment via the internet, as it seems not real. So, for them, Skrill is a nice option, should choose this, if someone needed to send or receive money internationally. PayPal can also be used to send or receive money internationally, you can only it via some trusted business owners or websites. In PayPal, if someone sends you money, and you receive it once, the person who had sent you money can make a complaint to get that amount back. So, it creates a problem when you try to deal with some unknown people over PayPal.
Use Skrill, easy money sending and receiving, quick sending of the money, about all big websites; accept Skrill money and it had already added a payment gateway. Spend your funds making your transaction and details private.
Skrill accepts payment by credit card, debit card, via bank transfer. So, get money in your Skrill account start using it safely to make some payment internationally. The thing which I liked so much in here is the customer support, Skrill provides you care, and listens to your matter and tries to solve it at any cost.

Main Features of Skrill App

Skrill is one of the most secure and safe payment gateways, and this accepts the payments from all over the globe plus 40 currencies allow you to accept payment in dollars and convert them into rupees.

  •          You can pay via credit cards, debit cards, bank transfer direct, and local payments even
  •          Check your balance online, send amount online, no bank visiting
  •          Track the money going and receiving via mobile SMS
  •          Pay for your online apps and games
  •          Send and receive payments even in nights
  •          Have complete control over your account
  •          Skrill is the most trusted online payment gateway, and millions of the people are using it to deal the online payments.
Download Skrill APK latest version from here, and install it on your Android phone to get access your account with simple taps.
Skrill app quickly send money to family and friends
 Skrill app receive instant notificationsSkrill app easily verify your identity

Skrill App APK Information

Package Name
Skrill APK
App Updated on
10 April, 2018
Number of installation
1,000,000 – 5,000,000
Android requirement
4.1 and Up
4.0 Stars out of 5
Offered by

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